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Tonga Islands is a quiet laid back holiday destination with only a handful of resorts and few tourists. There is exceptional sailing and snorkelling, some of the best whale watching sites and many tiny islands with gorgeous beaches and a rich traditional culture to explore. But bring your sense of adventure because efficiency is not high on the priority list here.

Tonga Pictures takes you on a memorable journey around this stunning south pacific tropical destination so you can plan your perfect holiday ...

Anyone interested in the Kingdom of Tonga will find this comprehensive and free website to be the perfect tool for planning their holidays. The unique feature is our stunning Interactive Tonga Picture Tour. We have detailed maps of Tongatapu, Nukualofa Town, Haapai and Vavau Groups. All maps allow you to click on beach and scenic "icons" so you can see exactly what the region looks like and be presented with useful travel anecdotes as well as choose suitable accommodation near by. Enjoy the exotic beaches and breathtaking tropical scenery to help plan where you want to go.

These interactive maps also show the exact hotel locations around the islands so you choose the perfect spot for your holiday. These hotel icons link into the hotels own website so you can make an enquiry or booking direct without incurring the extra cost and time involved with dealing through a travel agent.

We also provide a compact Tonga Travel Guide presenting the basic facts like visa requirements, weather and money and outlining the highlights of each island and how to get around. However, we try not to bog you down with too much text - our niche is pictures. If you are looking for a detailed travel guide detailing every aspect of the country.

This Accommodation Guide is brought to you by South Pacific Pictures, the photographic division of Pacific Travel Guides. This leading independent travel publisher is based in Fiji and aims to provide unbiased travel information to help potential holiday-makers plan their trip to the South Pacific. We do not sell individual hotels, tours or packages - we simply provide an overview to help you make the decision and provide links for you to make further enquiries and bookings. All the pictures in this website have been taken by us and try to show a true representation of our destinations. No picture has been staged - all were taken as presented.

Our small team of researchers travel around the south pacific on a regular basis to update our guides and to ensure their accuracy. Please feel free to contribute your own travel experiences to pass on to fellow travellers.

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